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11-05-2013 08:51PM
The food is awesome but the delivery service is horrible. I waited OVER 2 HRS for my delivery & the funny thing is that i live JUST 2 BLOCKS AWAY! I called 2 times & the woman who answered sucks with customer service. She kept on lying about when the food is going to be delivered and on top of that she had the nerve to tell me "its dinner time everyone is ordering." I placed my order at 7:15 and its now 9:00 and im still waiting on my food! =( HORRIBLE!!

04-10-2013 10:14PM
Horrible delivery
I have ordered takeout from Kumo at least 5 times, and never once have I waited for less than 1 hour for my food to arrive. Today, I waited 90 minutes. When I called, they told me that "the girl in the front forgot to put in my order". They did nothing to try to make good for me. They lost a good customer today.
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